5 Types of Online Taxi Driver That You Possibly Encounter


The Regular One

They are there just for doing their job. They don’t want to have deep conversation and they don’t want to know your personal information. The way they talk makes you believe that nothing wrong can happen with this driver. They usually want to take the most effective route so that they won’t waste their time and fuel. They are focused on their driving. At the end of the trip, they never forget to casually tell you, “Hey please give me 5 star ratings if you don’t mind 🙂 “ 

The Trust-Worthy One

This driver would pick you up in the right location without even calling you! This is a good start. Then, he would say greetings to you and make sure that you are the same person like the one that appears in his application. He would take you to your destination without your navigation guidance: they know what they’re doing. He rarely talks first unless you ask them some things. Most of the times, he would turn on the radio or play some nice music so you don’t feel so bored. You can let yourself fall asleep in his car because you feel safe.

The Chatty One

He is every introvert’s nightmare. The second you go inside his car, he would greet you with a nice smile. He seems very happy just to see you. He would probably ask basic ice-breaking questions, like how you’re doing, how long you’ve been living in that neighborhood, and if you’re still in school or already a working person. When you start checking your mobile phone or picking up your book, he would ask brightly, “Hi, it’s okay to have conversation right? I usually do this whenever I’m driving. It’s really nice to have friendly conversation to customers.” If you love to talk as well, then it’s fine. However, if you’re an introvert like me then, you would probably scream internally, “Can we just not talk?” Because you’re a good person, you would smile instead, and go along with the conversation. By the end of the trip, you won’t feel so bad after all because you would learn a lot about this driver; most likely about his career background, his family, and useful information about online taxi system that can benefit you. One time a chatty driver told me that every driver has to give ratings to their customer. The higher rating that a customer get, the easier for him or her to get special promotion. That’s one of the reason of why you should always be nice to a driver: don’t make them wait too long, be polite, and don’t leave trash in their car! 

The Over-Sharing One

The beginning of your trip would be similar like the one that you’ve had with the chatty driver. However, in the middle of your journey, you start to feel uncomfortable and wish that you can be at your destination faster. Why? Because he starts to talk about things that you don’t wish to know, like how he once took a drunk-female-customer with revealing clothes or how he broke up with his ex-girlfriend, especially when he mentioned that you look like her. Also, he starts to ask you few questions that you don’t feel like answering; questions about your faith, ethnicity, or political views. Seriously, if I could get one dollar for every time a driver asks me what is your religion I would be so rich by now. Even worse, he could criticize your life choices only after twelve minutes knowing you as a person. I once had a driver who was telling me, “Why are you working as a teacher? Aren’t you ashamed of your decision? Then why did you even study in university?”

The Creepy One

This is everybody’s nightmare. At first you couldn’t sense anything negative. Yes, he asks you many personal questions, but hey he looks so smiling and friendly all the time. Yes, he looks at you more than it feels necessary while talking from the central mirror, but his driving’s perfect. The trip ends and you’re safe in your own home. But then the next day you realize something’s wrong with this guy when you get flirty texts from him. FYI, by doing so, they’ve broken the company’s code of conduct, because a driver is not allowed to contact their customer personally once the trip ends. And, NEVER accept their offer to give you “free-rides” or “voluntary-rides” (just because they are close to where you are right now) without using the legal apps. I once had horrible experience in which I had to unlock the car on my own and ran away because the driver had bad intention to me.

Just for precautions, these are the customer support contacts of major online transportation company in Indonesia:

Go-jek  021-50251110

Uber https://help.uber.com/


Grab https://www.grab.com/id/help/

021 80648777


Ellen DeGeneres: Promoting Kindness through Her Show


I have been watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show probably since 2013 and that show has never failed in making me laugh. The real main talent behind this show is the host itself, Ellen DeGeneres.

In The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you can mainly watch how Ellen invites numerous names of public figures to sit down and have a great time talking to her and to the live audience. Not only celebrities, she also loves to invite regular people with particular talent (from 3 year old kid who can memorize and explain everything which are included in a periodic table, 6 year old kid who masters the geography of the world, or adorable girl who sings together with her father) and people who happened to be famous even without talent but somehow went viral (this cute guy called Alex who worked at Target). There are also varieties of games, Ellen’s funny monologue, giveaways, and many other segments in that 1 hour long show.

However, it is not an instant success. In 2001, she was trying to create a television sitcom starring herself and other characters under the name The Ellen Show, but it resulted in poor ratings, so it was no longer played after 13 episodes. Ellen revealed it was mainly because she decided to come out as gay through her character in that series, Ellen Richmond.  It was a difficult time for her career-wise; she was completely turned down from the entertainment industry for 3 years.

In 2003 she finally got an offer to run a talk show – which became a huge success till now. The Ellen DeGeneres Show has obtained several “Emmy Awards” in categories such as “Outstanding Talk Show”, and “Outstanding Talk Show Host”. During the period 2004 to 2014, Ellen has won 25 Emmy Awards. Ellen was also included in the list made by Forbes, 50 most powerful women in the world, in 2015. Winning 20 People’s Choice Award was also one of her achievement that nobody else could compete with.  Honestly, I’ve never seen any other person who is so comfortable and so happy doing their job. She’s completely herself in that show.

It is so difficult to find a celebrity that can be a good role-model, but Ellen is different. I really love how she consistently applies her mantra “being kind to one another” in her daily show. By applying, it doesn’t mean only by saying that quote in the end of her show. It means practicing what she says in random act of kindness. Anyway, it is so smart and nice of her to use her talk show, an established platform, to show to millions viewers out there that it’s possible to make this world a better place. She can easily reach people that might need her help. She can invite them to talk on the show and give nice things to them. And at the same times, two things are done: 1) doing good things to other people and 2) increase even more ratings to her show which enable her to do even greater things to more people.

She often makes other people’s dream come true –  such as meeting their favorite singer or delivering their skills in national television so that other people can know them better. One time she rewarded ten-thousand dollars to a 19 year old teenager who donated his bone marrow to a complete stranger. Other time she helped an English-teacher to sell her school project through Ellen’s website and paid off her student debts with the help of sponsored bank! What Ellen and all these amazing people do also reminds me that you do not need to be so wealthy to help people – in one episode, she had a talk with a waitress who decided to give a free lunch to two customers who complained about their decreasing wages. The story went viral and, as it turned out, in The Ellen deGeneres Show, she paid back what the waitress has done by giving her ten-thousand-dollars.

Watching her show makes me realize of so many good things that happen in this world and there are still so many people with big heart who are willing to help others. Especially in this recent time, there are a huge amount of negativity spreading in my country, watching her show – even just for a tiny bit of it – can make my day better.

Ellen’s powerful message of kindness is now become a reason for viewers to watch her show. And I do hope it will inspire us to do the same.

“We need to remember that we are more similar than we are different. We all want the same thing; love, acceptance, and kindness.” – Ellen deGeneres

A Message for My Teenage Self


Hey, you.

Stay true to yourself. Just because everyone seems to talk bad about someone, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing – even if it seems a very cool thing to do at that time. Be prepared. There will always be a trend, whether it’s a sophisticated gadget, a hairstyle, a sport activity, a social media, new restaurant to try, or even some sort of cool words. Following a trend could be a ton of fun, and you know, it’s good to try something new once in a while. However, it’s totally fine not to do it if you feel uncomfortable.

Again, you don’t have to get along with everyone. Not everyone deserves a spotlight in your life. Some of them probably just be there occasionally, maybe because you guys are in the same class for three years in a row, maybe because you ride on the same bus every day for going home with them, or maybe because you do the 2-hours activity together every week.  They would teach you some valuable lesson, maybe, along the course of the time. But you don’t have to talk to them or hangout with them everyday if you don’t want to.

Don’t ever be mean. Even to a guy who puts online game as their life. Even to a guy whom your friends classified as a “nerd” because he’s so damn quiet all the time. Even to a guy who comes late to class every day. Even to people who fail a lot at exams. You have no idea who they would become in the next 6 or 8 years. You have no idea how much they would change. And they might even be more successful than you would be. So, don’t ever be mean. Regardless of their future-self, respect everyone for who they are.

Be brave enough to do what you’ve always been dreaming to do. Take that foreign language class. Go to the next performance audition. Teach yourself how to design a brochure. Lead an organization. Handle an event. Never say you’re too busy now to do this stuff, because in the future you would even have more responsibilities and duties to handle. Now, is the right time to learn something for the sake of your own future. And by the way, it doesn’t always has something to do with your career afterwards. Do it just because you like it. Because it makes you happy and brings a wonderful experience for you. Because it makes you a better person and equips you with a lot of useful skills. Because it will bring you closer to your dreams.

Don’t let anyone or anything define you. Keep the balance. The best thing to do now is finding your true-self. Don’t loose all of the productive time for someone who doesn’t value yourself. Just, don’t put a complete trust on anyone who said they love you at their 14. Now, he might be your whole world, but in the next 3 years he would be a stranger for you. Never stay too long in an unhealthy relationship.

And last but not the least,

If you knew beforehand how busy your life will be in the next 6 years, you probably think twice and make more time for your family. Time passes so quickly. One day you would see yourself in the mirror and notice how fast the last 5 years had gone. One day you see your parents and they are not as young as they used to be. Spend more time with your family while you can, while they can.

Enjoy your youth, make (a lot of) mistakes, that’s fine, because people are more forgiving when you’re a lot younger! And besides, your mistakes are one essential thing that makes you, you, in the future. 

Indonesia, di Mata Saya dan Dia

40jkttrip (70)
Jakarta dari puncak Monumen Nasional

Tom pertama kali datang ke Indonesia pertengahan Agustus 2015. Ini merupakan pengalaman pertama buat dia traveling ke luar negeri sendirian, pengalaman pertamanya keluar Eropa, sekaligus pengalaman pertamanya ke Asia. Jadi, nggak cuma buat saya, buat dia pun pengalamannya nggak terlupakan banget saking banyaknya hal baru yang dia temuin. Ini saya cerita beberapa contohnya, ya.

40jkttrip (38)

Tentang kondisi traffic di jalanan. Dari pertama kali dia naik mobil keluar dari komplek bandara, matanya nggak lepas ngeliatin jalanan (iya, bukan ngeliatin saya). Dia kayak bingung gitu karena selain jumlah kendaraan yang banyak banget lalu-lalang di jalan, pengendaranya juga nggak semuanya tertib. Ada motor yang tiba-tiba nyelip gitu aja, angkot yang berhenti mendadak, mobil yang belok tanpa ngasih lampu sen, dan sebagainya, Dia curious banget gimana sebenarnya peraturan di Indonesia tentang berkendara. Soalnya di tempat dia tinggal, volume kendaraan benar-benar sedikit. Bahkan kalau malam hari, jumlah mobil yang lewat di jalan raya itu bisa dihitung pakai jari. Motor? Nyaris nggak ada. Apalagi kalau musim dingin, nggak ada motor yang nampak di jalan raya. Lucu gitu jadinya ngeliat muka dia yang nervous gitu liat jalanan. Terus dia berulang-ulang bilang,”I think I am not able to drive here, somebody will probably kill me or I might kill somebody.”

Tentang orang Indonesia yang ramah. First impression dia terhadap orang Indonesia yaitu friendly. Jadi ceritanya waktu dia baru mendarat, pas lagi nyari saya, ada segerombolan ABG cewek yang ngedeketin dia, kenalan, dan minta selfie gitu. Dasar Tom orangnya baik nyaris menuju innocent, dia iya-in aja dan selain itu dia sempet disapa sama beberapa staf bandara juga. Jadi sejak itulah dia pikir orang Indonesia ramah-ramah ke foreigner. Dan itu beda banget sama di negaranya, di mana orang lokalnya pun lebih sering jutek even ke orang lokal lainnya.

Tentang jenis pekerjaan dan service yang excellent di Indonesia. Mungkin karena jumlah penduduk yang banyak, terutama di usia produktif ya, di Indonesia kita bisa nemuin banyak banget jenis lapangan pekerjaan yang nggak bisa atau susah kita temuin di Eropa. Contohnya, pembantu rumah tangga, mas-mas di supermarket yang masukin barang belanjaan ke kantong plastik, mas-mas di supermarket yang nimbangin buah, tukang parkir, tukang jualan macem-macem di bus, mas-mas yang bukain pintu mobil di lobby mall, penjaga pintu tol, dan lain-lain. Yang paling lucu sih yang bukain pintu mobil kita di lobby mall. Tom kayak,”What is he doing??” dengan muka wondering gitu. And setelah dijelasin, dia kayak,”He is paid to do that??” Ya gitu. Soalnya juga di negaranya jumlah penduduknya sedikit banget kalau dibanding Indonesia. Jadi sebisa mungkin semua perusahaan hanya menggunakan jumlah minimum tenaga kerja. Dan tipe pekerjaannya juga banyak yang sudah dikerjakan mesin atau self-service.

Terus pernah sekali dia amazed banget waktu masuk toilet di tempat umum, lalu disapa gitu sama penjaganya, something like “Welcome to the toilet, Sir.” Terus dia keluar-keluar WC, excited banget, terus bilang,” Oh my god there is no such thing like that in Czech, here everyone is so happy and content with what they’re doing, even if it’s just cleaning the toilet.” Tom bilang di negaranya hampir semua orang yang kerjaannya di level seperti itu nggak akan mau kasih effort lebih buat bikin customer seneng; mereka literally just do what they should do. Kita nggak bisa expect untuk disapa, dilayani dengan senyum, dan sebagainya. Jadi bangga-bangga gimana gitu. Dipikir-pikir iya juga sih. Jadi terharu.

Tentang Jakarta: modern tetapi uncivilized at the same time. Kesimpulan itu didapat setelah dia lihat mal-mal yang begitu mewahnya, yang isinya pun barang impor dengan harga selangit, kendaraan-kendaraan bagus yang ada di jalan, rumah-rumah yang besar dan sebagainya, sekaligus mengalami sendiri gimana buruknya kondisi traffic di jalan, tata kota yang berantakan, polusi, dan sampah yang sering ganggu di jalan. Dia juga nggak terbiasa nggak bisa minum air langsung dari tap. Semoga Jakarta (dan Indonesia secara umum) bisa jadi jauh lebih baik secepatnya ya.

Tentang keluarga Indonesia yang hangat dan banyak anggotanya.  Mungkin untuk keluarga muda sekarang sudah mulai berubah, tetapi rata-rata keluarga generasi dulu kan anaknya banyak-banyak ya. Jarang yang cuma 2. Bisa di atas 5 sampai kisaran 10. Alhasil, sepupu saya ada banyak banget. Mungkin kalau ditotal ada 20-an. Sedangkan Tom keluarganya kecil sekali. Dia bahkan nggak punya sepupu sama sekali. Dan keluarga besar saya masih sering ngumpul-ngumpul paling nggak sebulan sekali gitu. Dia seneng bisa lihat keluarga yang besar tetapi dekat satu sama lain dan bisa saling ngobrol gitu.

 Tentang weather yang gitu-gitu aja. Secara Indonesia negara tropis, jadi ya udah, udah nggak bisa diapa-apain.

Tentang susahnya nyari alcoholic drinks. Ha-ha.

In the end nggak semuanya jelek loh, ya!

Kalau dari saya sih, yang paling saya suka dari Indonesia tuh keberagamannya. Orangnya macem-macem banget. Nggak cuma dari warna kulit atau fisiknya aja, tetapi dari budayanya, agamanya, mata pencahariannya, cara pikirnya, dan lain-lain. Bisa dengan mudah nemuin orang yang hidupnya kaya sekali secara materi sampai orang yang kerja hanya untuk ngisi perut hari itu. Jadi kita bisa belajar banyak tentang kehidupan dengan hanya melihat lingkungan sehari-hari gitu.

Kalau yang paling saya nggak tahan dari Indonesia yaitu mental korup-nya sama close-minded-nya. Nggak usah dijelasin kali, ya, entar sakit hati sendiri.

Kalau kalian, apa nih pendapat yang paling ngena tentang Indonesia?

5 Beautiful Life Reminders from 5 Awesome Books

“One day spent with someone you love can change everything."
“One day spent with someone you love can change everything.”

1. Tentang betapa terbatasnya waktu yang kita miliki dan pentingnya menghabiskan waktu bersama orang-orang yang kita sayangi. Kurang-lebih itu deh inti yang ingin disampaikan Mitch Albom dalam karyanya yang berjudul For One More Day. Charles Benetto, lahir dan tumbuh besar di keluarga yang tidak utuh, sehingga mengharuskan ia untuk selalu memilih antara ibu atau ayahnya. Ketika mencoba bunuh diri karena depresi, ia mengalami rentetan flashback dan seolah-olah bertemu kembali dengan ibunya yang sudah tiada. Banyak banget adegan menyentuh yang menyadarkan pembacanya kalau kasih sayang orangtua bener-bener nggak ada batasnya. Malah, kita sebagai anak, yang sering take it for granted dan kurang berterimakasih gitu. Abis baca buku ini dijamin punya perasaan yang sama dengan tokoh utamanya: pengen jadi pribadi yang lebih baik dan menjalin  hubungan yang lebih baik lagi dengan orang-orang terdekat.

''The world is not a wish-granting factory.''
”The world is not a wish-granting factory.”

2. Pengingat bahwa hidup itu realistis – nggak semua yang kita mau bisa jadi kenyataan. Kisah tentang Hazel Grace, cewek remaja yang didiagnosa sakit kanker dan menjalani hidup yang nggak jauh-jauh dari support group, baca buku, dan mengkhawatirkan orangtuanya jika suatu saat sesuatu terjadi kepadanya. The Fault in Our Stars karya John Green ini nggak cuma bercerita soal itu, tetapi banyak pesan penting lainnya yang ingin dia masukkan ke buku ini, terutama melalui love story antara Hazel dengan Augustus Waters, penderita kanker lainnya yang Hazel temui di support group. Meski mereka udah ngabisin waktu bareng, punya banyak common interests, dan Augustus sampe merelakan wish-nya dipakai Hazel untuk ketemu author favoritnya di negara lain, ujung-ujungnya mereka nggak bisa bareng. FYI, buku ini nggak melulu soal kanker kok, kita bisa belajar banyak soal persahabatan, keberanian, pengorbanan, dan bagaimana caranya menghargai hidup lewat metafora-metafora yang indah.

"We all want everything to be okay. We don't even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or outstanding. We will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is enough."
“We all want everything to be okay. We don’t even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or outstanding. We will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is enough.”

3. Tentang pentingnya bersyukur dalam hidup. Ide cerita yang nggak biasa bisa kita temuin di Every Day karya David Levithan. Tokoh utamanya, namanya A. Iya, A, doang. Si A ini setiap hari lahir di tubuh orang yang berbeda-beda. Dia nggak punya identitas, nggak punya keluarga, nggak punya teman-teman yang pasti setiap harinya. Keadaan makin rumit ketika suatu hari dia ketemu cewek yang dia suka. Lewat perjalanan A, kita bisa ngeliat kalau kehidupan manusia banyak banget ragamnya. Dan nggak semuanya enak. Nggak semua orang hidupnya berkecukupan. Nggak semua orangtua sayang dan bisa ngurus anaknya dengan baik. Nggak semua orang yang pacaran sebetulnya seneng dan setia sama pacarnya. Banyak situasi dalam hidup yang bikin orang depresi.

Sedih banget ya,  nih apa katanya soal cewek yang dia suka: “I will never have a photograph of her to carry around in my pocket. I will never have a letter in her handwriting, or a scrap-book of everything we’ve done. I will never share an apartment with her in the city. I will never know if we are listening to the same song at the same time. We will not grow old together. I will not be the person she calls when she’s in trouble. She will not be the person I call when I have stories to tell. I will never be able to keep anything she’s given to me.”  

Tapi bukunya nggak sesedih ini kok, banyak humornya dan kata-kata yang bikin kita mikir.

“sometimes you don't need a goal in life, you don't need to know the big picture. you just need to know what you're going to do next!”
“Sometimes you don’t need a goal in life, you don’t need to know the big picture. you just need to know what you’re going to do next!”

4. Hidup kadang perlu dibawa santai. The Undomestic Goddess dari Sophie Kinsella menceritakan tentang Samantha Sweeting yang gila kerja sebagai pengacara. Ritme hidup yang serba cepat, tekanan yang tinggi dari kantor, dan kesibukan yang gila-gilaan sampai ia hampir nggak sempat merayakan ulangtahunnya sendiri. Sampai suatu saat, dia melakukan kesalahan fatal dan dia pun langsung dipecat dari perusahaan. Stres, galau, dan nggak tau mau ngapain, Samantha kabur ke desa kecil dan nggak sengaja nerima pekerjaan jadi pembantu rumah tangga. Buku ini ringan, lucu, gampang dimengerti, dan banyak pesan moralnya. Kadang terlalu banyak menge-set target, memaksa diri untuk bekerja keras, dan berpikir terlalu jauh ke depan nggak bagus juga. Kinsella mengingatkan kita untuk enjoy the little things in life.

5. Going Home karya Danielle Steel menyampaikan satu pesan: ”Every woman falls in love with a bastard at least once in her life”.  Period. Kata siapa buku yang bagus selalu punya karakter yang like-able? Di buku ini, tokoh utamanya, Gillian, tidak disukai oleh pembaca. Bisa dibilang dia bukan tipe cewek yang bisa jadi teladan deh. Karena dia gampang banget dimainin sama cowok, mau aja diperlakukan seenaknya, dan nggak bisa bersikap bijak dalam menentukan pilihan. Siap-siap geregetan waktu baca buku ini!

What’s on your list? 


Belajar dari Museum

Dari kecil, saya suka sejarah. Bukan hanya ketika belajar di sekolah, tapi saya juga suka membaca biografi-biografi tokoh dunia dan sejenisnya. Makanya, saya juga suka mengunjungi museum. Ketika berkesempatan traveling ke Eropa, saya mengunjungi beberapa museum yang lumayan menarik. Museum di sana sangat worthed untuk dikunjungi, karena nyaman, bersih, tenang, dilengkapi dengan petunjuk arah yang jelas, koleksinya juga lengkap dan biasanya sih, bisa makan waktu seharian kalau mau melihat semuanya. Beberapa museum juga didukung dengan kecanggihan teknologi, jadi pengunjung bisa mendapatkan headset untuk mendengar penjelasan sesuai bahasa yang diinginkan.

Museum yang pertama saya kunjungi bernama Musee d’Histoire de Berne di Bern, Switzerland. Selain memiliki koleksi artefak sejarah dari Asia, Egypt,  dan kota Bern-nya sendiri, ada area khusus bernama Einstein Museum di dalam bangunan yang sama. Di museum ini, bahkan ada arca-arca Buddha dan juga wayang kulit dari Indonesia, loh!

desainnya seperti kastil
desainnya seperti kastil

Bisa dibilang Einstein merupakan salah satu manusia genius di abad ini. Di internet, wajah Beliau ada di mana-mana dan juga sama halnya dengan quotes-quotes dari Beliau semasa hidup. Tapi, nyatanya, nggak banyak yang saya ketahui selain fakta bahwa ia adalah ilmuwan cerdas penemu teori relativitas. Nah, kenapa museumnya ada di Bern? Ternyata, Einstein pernah tinggal di kota ini sewaktu menciptakan teori relativitas. Museum ini membahas secara lengkap perjalanan hidup Einstein, bahkan sampai ke lembar rapornya waktu sekolah dulu!

Dari kunjungan ini, saya baru ngerti kalau Einstein merupakan seorang keturunan Yahudi dan itulah kenapa dia memutuskan untuk pindah ke Amerika Serikat di masa Hitler mulai memusnahkan kaum Yahudi di Eropa. Einstein juga pernah dituduh sebagai dalang dari tragedi Hiroshima—Nagasaki oleh Times Magazine karena formula E=MC2 disebut-sebut merupakan formula untuk membuat bom atom. Kata-kata terakhirnya sebelum meninggal nggak bisa dimengerti dengan jelas oleh suster jaga di Princeton, karena ia bicara dalam bahasa Jerman, “his mother tongue in which he felt most at home throughout his life”.

Museum berikutnya ada di Berlin, Jerman. Namanya Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Lokasinya dekat sekali dengan Brandenburg Gate yang terkenal itu, hanya sekitar 10 menit berjalan kaki. Bentuknya unik banget karena underground gitu, jadi nggak kelihatan dari luar. Dari luar yang kelihatan adalah deretan beton-beton persegi yang dibuat di atas tanah yang miring. Arsiteknya sengaja membuat konsep kayak gitu untuk menciptakan atmosfer yang membingungkan, walaupun ada juga pendapat yang bilang kalau desainnya mirip dengan komplek pemakaman.

Denkmal fur die ermordeten Juden Europas (dalam bahasa Jerman)
Denkmal fur die ermordeten Juden Europas (dalam bahasa Jerman)

Waktu masuk ke dalamnya, saya langsung jadi sedih, banget. Ada penjelasan secara detail tentang sejarah awal bagaimana kaum Yahudi di Eropa mulai ditindas dan pada akhirnya ada pemusnahan secara massal. Di periode itu, kaum Yahudi dari seantereo Eropa, mulai dari Polandia, Hungaria, Jerman, dsb, dicari, ditangkap, dan dikirim ke kamp konsentrasi di berbagai daerah untuk dieksploitasi secara gila-gilaan. Mereka bener-bener nggak diperlakukan secara layak, banyak yang meninggal karena kelaparan, dan ada juga yang memang sengaja dibunuh dengan gas beracun.

Di museum itu, ada foto-foto wajah mereka yang menjadi korban genocide ini. Ada ruangan yang menayangkan nama mereka di layar secara satu per satu. Ada juga foto-foto dari kamp konsentrasi. Kita bisa lihat juga silsilah atau cerita background keluarga dari para korban.

wjaah para korban

Dan yang paling bikin merinding adalah catatan harian dari mereka sendiri tentang betapa kejamnya kondisi kala itu, dan kebanyakan menggambarkan perasaan mereka yang dipenuhi ketakutan dan nggak bisa berbuat apa-apa.

Pokoknya, museum-museum itu bikin lupa waktu. Apalagi, waktu itu, di luar dingin banget, jadi makin betah deh karena hangat di dalam museum.