5 Types of Online Taxi Driver That You Possibly Encounter


The Regular One

They are there just for doing their job. They don’t want to have deep conversation and they don’t want to know your personal information. The way they talk makes you believe that nothing wrong can happen with this driver. They usually want to take the most effective route so that they won’t waste their time and fuel. They are focused on their driving. At the end of the trip, they never forget to casually tell you, “Hey please give me 5 star ratings if you don’t mind 🙂 “ 

The Trust-Worthy One

This driver would pick you up in the right location without even calling you! This is a good start. Then, he would say greetings to you and make sure that you are the same person like the one that appears in his application. He would take you to your destination without your navigation guidance: they know what they’re doing. He rarely talks first unless you ask them some things. Most of the times, he would turn on the radio or play some nice music so you don’t feel so bored. You can let yourself fall asleep in his car because you feel safe.

The Chatty One

He is every introvert’s nightmare. The second you go inside his car, he would greet you with a nice smile. He seems very happy just to see you. He would probably ask basic ice-breaking questions, like how you’re doing, how long you’ve been living in that neighborhood, and if you’re still in school or already a working person. When you start checking your mobile phone or picking up your book, he would ask brightly, “Hi, it’s okay to have conversation right? I usually do this whenever I’m driving. It’s really nice to have friendly conversation to customers.” If you love to talk as well, then it’s fine. However, if you’re an introvert like me then, you would probably scream internally, “Can we just not talk?” Because you’re a good person, you would smile instead, and go along with the conversation. By the end of the trip, you won’t feel so bad after all because you would learn a lot about this driver; most likely about his career background, his family, and useful information about online taxi system that can benefit you. One time a chatty driver told me that every driver has to give ratings to their customer. The higher rating that a customer get, the easier for him or her to get special promotion. That’s one of the reason of why you should always be nice to a driver: don’t make them wait too long, be polite, and don’t leave trash in their car! 

The Over-Sharing One

The beginning of your trip would be similar like the one that you’ve had with the chatty driver. However, in the middle of your journey, you start to feel uncomfortable and wish that you can be at your destination faster. Why? Because he starts to talk about things that you don’t wish to know, like how he once took a drunk-female-customer with revealing clothes or how he broke up with his ex-girlfriend, especially when he mentioned that you look like her. Also, he starts to ask you few questions that you don’t feel like answering; questions about your faith, ethnicity, or political views. Seriously, if I could get one dollar for every time a driver asks me what is your religion I would be so rich by now. Even worse, he could criticize your life choices only after twelve minutes knowing you as a person. I once had a driver who was telling me, “Why are you working as a teacher? Aren’t you ashamed of your decision? Then why did you even study in university?”

The Creepy One

This is everybody’s nightmare. At first you couldn’t sense anything negative. Yes, he asks you many personal questions, but hey he looks so smiling and friendly all the time. Yes, he looks at you more than it feels necessary while talking from the central mirror, but his driving’s perfect. The trip ends and you’re safe in your own home. But then the next day you realize something’s wrong with this guy when you get flirty texts from him. FYI, by doing so, they’ve broken the company’s code of conduct, because a driver is not allowed to contact their customer personally once the trip ends. And, NEVER accept their offer to give you “free-rides” or “voluntary-rides” (just because they are close to where you are right now) without using the legal apps. I once had horrible experience in which I had to unlock the car on my own and ran away because the driver had bad intention to me.

Just for precautions, these are the customer support contacts of major online transportation company in Indonesia:

Go-jek  021-50251110

Uber https://help.uber.com/


Grab https://www.grab.com/id/help/

021 80648777