Something Personal: Happy Valentine Day

January 2016 marked the first year Tom and I spent in a relationship. I am truly happy and will be forever grateful that I can finally share my life with someone who really cares and feel the same way to me.

This time, a year ago, we got to know each other in his country – where I had an awesome exchange experience. We’ve got only two months together, full of fun and doubts. But since day one, I was impressed on how easy we show each other our real personality. Then, 5 months after that he flew to my home-country, which takes 16 hours flight. Just 2 weeks ago, I come back home after visiting him again in the freezing-but-pretty Czech Republic. Every complication that could possibly arise because of cultural differences has also been slowly resolved.  Everything gets better in time.

I noticed that many people keep on glorifying the fact that they are in a long-distance relationship. However as I get more familiar with the routines and the feelings that you have when your favorite person is almost always on the other side of the world, I think the distance is not a big deal. Yes, it sucks to cannot feel their warmth and lovely hug and kisses. There are the bad days and the good days that you will encounter somehow and you cannot have him by your side to experience the same thing like you do.

However in the end relationship in all kind is just the same. You learn how to love each other and how to grow to be a better person within’ the relationship, which is not so possible to achieve if you choose to do it alone. The distance is not really does any harm to your relationship. The willingness to stay loyal, to make each other happy, and to work for the future together is the real foundation of a good relationship. If you really love that person, you still try to create that real foundation, even though you’re miles away from someone you love. And with the right person, it wouldn’t feel like a lot of work.

13doma (25)

So, thank you baby for coming into my life, for making me feel loved every single day.

Happy Valentine Day, everyone out there, may compassion & love always be in your life.

p.s: He said romantic gesture doesn’t always have to be costly. So he composed a song for me and I wrote this for him.