A Message for My Teenage Self


Hey, you.

Stay true to yourself. Just because everyone seems to talk bad about someone, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing – even if it seems a very cool thing to do at that time. Be prepared. There will always be a trend, whether it’s a sophisticated gadget, a hairstyle, a sport activity, a social media, new restaurant to try, or even some sort of cool words. Following a trend could be a ton of fun, and you know, it’s good to try something new once in a while. However, it’s totally fine not to do it if you feel uncomfortable.

Again, you don’t have to get along with everyone. Not everyone deserves a spotlight in your life. Some of them probably just be there occasionally, maybe because you guys are in the same class for three years in a row, maybe because you ride on the same bus every day for going home with them, or maybe because you do the 2-hours activity together every week.  They would teach you some valuable lesson, maybe, along the course of the time. But you don’t have to talk to them or hangout with them everyday if you don’t want to.

Don’t ever be mean. Even to a guy who puts online game as their life. Even to a guy whom your friends classified as a “nerd” because he’s so damn quiet all the time. Even to a guy who comes late to class every day. Even to people who fail a lot at exams. You have no idea who they would become in the next 6 or 8 years. You have no idea how much they would change. And they might even be more successful than you would be. So, don’t ever be mean. Regardless of their future-self, respect everyone for who they are.

Be brave enough to do what you’ve always been dreaming to do. Take that foreign language class. Go to the next performance audition. Teach yourself how to design a brochure. Lead an organization. Handle an event. Never say you’re too busy now to do this stuff, because in the future you would even have more responsibilities and duties to handle. Now, is the right time to learn something for the sake of your own future. And by the way, it doesn’t always has something to do with your career afterwards. Do it just because you like it. Because it makes you happy and brings a wonderful experience for you. Because it makes you a better person and equips you with a lot of useful skills. Because it will bring you closer to your dreams.

Don’t let anyone or anything define you. Keep the balance. The best thing to do now is finding your true-self. Don’t loose all of the productive time for someone who doesn’t value yourself. Just, don’t put a complete trust on anyone who said they love you at their 14. Now, he might be your whole world, but in the next 3 years he would be a stranger for you. Never stay too long in an unhealthy relationship.

And last but not the least,

If you knew beforehand how busy your life will be in the next 6 years, you probably think twice and make more time for your family. Time passes so quickly. One day you would see yourself in the mirror and notice how fast the last 5 years had gone. One day you see your parents and they are not as young as they used to be. Spend more time with your family while you can, while they can.

Enjoy your youth, make (a lot of) mistakes, that’s fine, because people are more forgiving when you’re a lot younger! And besides, your mistakes are one essential thing that makes you, you, in the future. 


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